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Histoire d'Eau - a Summary of Technical Specifications; see below ...

Dutch Luxemotor: built in 1909, rivoted steel hull.

Length: 28 metres
Beam: 4.30 metres
Draft: 1.20 metres
Air draft: 3.35 metres

Registration & Certifications:

Dutch Registered (listed on Amsterdam Kadaster ).
TRIWV (FIRST OBTAINED IN 2011, RENEWED 2017, Valid until 2024).
AIS Installed & certified (Simrad V5035 Class-A AIS/Inland AIS System).
Last Survey: 2017 (for insurance purposes and to obtain TRIWV renewal).


DAF DHU 825 turbo, 6 cyl., 210 hp., heat exchange in-hull cooling-box.
Gearbox: PRO MASSON, hydraulic
Propeller: 4 blades; 40cm diameter

Bow thruster:

Dutch 360 commercial bow-thruster with CUMMINS engine, 80 hp, heat exchange in-hull cooling-box, with control in the wheelhouse and by remote control on the bow.


Hydraulic steering with traditional steering wheel, joy-stick and remote control.

Electrical Supply:

24V DC and 230V/50Hz AC.
230V AC: By shore power, inverter or generator.


LISTER PETTER 15 KVA diesel with heat exchange in-hull cooling, in silent box, with timer and remote control.
230V AC, 50Hz, 60Amps, pure sine wave.

Isolation Transformer:

VICTRON - 3600W, 16 AMP.


    VICTRON - Multiplus:
  • 24V/3000W/70AMP,
  • Backup Inverter: VICTRON - Pheonix Combi (24V/2000W/50AMP).

Solar Panels:

Four panels providing 250W at 24V DC. 10+ Amp/hr on sunny day.

Batteries: Three Sets:

  • 24 V DC (Deep Cycle 30KG, 2V, wet cells - 12 batteries in series = 24V DC). Capacity 590 AmpHr (Domestic Services Battery). Housed in steel box, vented to exterior.
  • 24 volt (2 x 12 volt) Capacity 145 AmpHr (Engine Cranking Battery) in steel box, vented to exterior.
  • 24 volt (2 x 12 volt) Capacity 145 AmpHr (Bow-Thruster - drives the direction control on 360 degree bow-thruster) in steel box, vented to exterior.


Water Filtration System; This delivers 2,000 litres of clean sterilised water per hour, which is used to give unlimited water for the washing machine and shower or can be directed to the whole boat.

Fuel Systems:

'White' Diesel 800 litres (in dedicated 'white' diesel tank in engine room)
'Red' diesel 1,450 litres (in 2 'red' diesel tanks located in the forward machine room. Used for heating, generator and bow-thruster.)

Central heating/cooling:

KABOLA diesel boiler. 7 Radiators with thermostatic valves. Air conditioning:
  • DAEWOO 5 KVA with remote control.
  • 2 KVA mobile unit for the back cabin.

Hot water:

KABOLA diesel boiler.


  • 3 x 13 kg Propane cylinders in a vented locker on deck.
  • 2 x BBQ gas cylinders (Webber gas BBQ).


Master Double Bedroom (with manual toilet)
Second Double bedroom
Bathroom (shower, SPA Bath, electric toilet)
Saloon: Large open plan saloon
Kitchen: With sink, 4 burner gas cooker (thermo-coupled rings providing safety shutoff), fridge, freezer, fan-forced electric oven, ventilator hood.
Wheelhouse: Traditional steering wheel, dashboard and captain's chair.


Technical/Machine Room (Generator, Bow Thruster, Kabola, Water & Diesel Tanks)
Large Storage in Peak
Sundeck with biminy (sunshade).

Other Equipment:

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